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Welcome To Encourage Me I'm Young, Inc. (EMIY)

We are actively pursuing the creation of a society that enlists today's youth to embrace their abilities as they become the future leaders of tomorrow.

Encourage Me I'm Young, Inc. (EMIY), is a non-profit, for-youth enrichment organization that equips and enhances today's youth with guidance, encouragement, and relative and achievable goals. Character development, empowerment, and literacy proficiency is emphasized through mentorship. The intention of EMIY is to embrace and uplift one another by enlisting society to focus on potential instead of aptitude. The assistance to resistance approach will endow and propel our youth, allowing them to become compassionate, intelligent, and logical decision makers.


A True Encouraging Story

In 2004, we started this journey called EMIY (Encourage Me I'm Young) World. Our goal was to encourage this world into a better place for us all; especially the children. Along this journey, we discovered adults were missing the basic support, understanding, and values needed to help make our world a better place also. In acknowledging the crimes against children and in support of their silent voices, we started laying a t-shirt with a positive quote on the back of the shirt where children were slain in Detroit. In our attempt to bring encouragement to the families who lost these loved ones, we hoped that they would see our message and be inspired to help others. We continued this practice until we realized that by organizing we could help those same people we tried to reach in more practical ways. To that end, we began to engage men to be part of the positive movement to reclaim our youth and become better role models for boys through mentorship. In addition to our progress, even today, we still lay t-shirts at death sites to acknowledge the silent voices of our slain youth.

In May, 2007 we became an official organization by receiving our non-profit designation for "Encourage Me I'm Young, Inc." a recognized 501c3. This benchmark began the next chapter of our story with mentoring and building on the strategy to make this world an encouraging world. To date, we have mentored over 500 kids through Finney High School, Chosen One Recreation, and throughout the community. We have committed to mentoring males continuously every year creating more youth and community leaders dedicated to changing the world.

In 2010, we launched EMIY Apparel to support the work of our organization. The popularity of our message was beginning to reach beyond Detroit into other parts of the United States and beyond. The positive message in bringing encouragement to the world was spreading. Our shirts began popping up everywhere and were being worn by youth and adults. Sports figures such as Larry Foote, Rapper T.I., MSU Spartans, Iowa State athletes, Run's House cast, and people who just wanted to support the message. We are using our positive messages to inspire and support our work. EMIY Apparel also supports those causes that impact the health and well-being of youth and their families such as the fight against Ataxia, Juvenile Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, and Lupus. We donate a significant percentage of our sales to support our movement. Our products support our visibility and our cause but we still need your support. We hope you will share in our journey by donating, purchasing, or just sharing our website with others as we grow.

EMIY Quote: Some things are too good to be true but it happens everyday.

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The desire and the ability to make a huge difference in society. Character development, education, and literacy projects. Proper placement and on going training of mentors. Emphasis on diversity, propelling our childrens' future.

Respect for yourself and all others. For the younger kids we help them learn how to help each other. For the older group it comes down to this: If you learn how to respect yourself in all situations, you never have to worry about

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